Sign Language Course

Private ASL Classes

Would YOU like to take a Private Class ASL 101 with Antonietta?

Did you know... In the western part of New York alone, Rochester is home to the nation’s largest deaf population per capita, with about 90,000 people who are deaf or hard of hearing living among the metropolitan area’s 700,000 residents?!

The Deaf Community are EXCITED to have you learn ASL! There are so many reasons to learn this beautiful 3D language:

  • -REMOVE communication barriers in the community

  • -ASL brings long-term cognitive benefits

  • -Meet new friends

  • -Being Deaf Friendly for your business

  • -Become bilingual/multi-lingual.

  • -Have private conversations in public.

  • -Stop screaming over each other at loud (dance) events!

When this pandemic goes away, you will be signing in NO TIME!

Start signing in time for National ASL day on April 15th.

Attend Deaf Coffee Chats and Deaf events with CONFIDENCE.

This Class includes:


  • *Learn the ASL Alphabet

  • *Number Practices

  • *Fingerspelling Practices

  • *Introduction to Deaf Culture

  • *Comprehension

  • *Five Parameters

  • *Word Order Practices

  • *Lexicalized Fingerspelling

  • *Pronoun and Gender Practice

  • *Indexing

  • *Identifying People

  • *Create a personalized name sign!

  • *Asking and answering Questions

  • *Private 1 on 1 time with Antonietta

  • *Quizzes

  • *Receive personalized instructor feedback

  • Invitation to Antonietta's Private FB group with other Deaf and also Hearing signers who are learning or practicing

  • Invitation to Bi-Weekly ASL Deaf Coffee Chats with Antonietta as your host.

Cost: $120

Where: Zoom

When: Anytime @ one day per week for 1 hour.

How long: 6 weeks

Interested in GROUP CLASSES? I can do that too! Send me a message!

Please connect with Antonietta if there are any questions.

SO EXCITED to have you for class!

Happy Signing!